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Lifted Mythic Bra-ken spore!

Irvin a posted Jan 23, 15

Awesome kill!  Well done everyone! :D

Catroz Nice video. But look at my horrible opening... Jeebus Chrisp, that was bad... Haunted me for the rest of that fight...
Grytox Lol, giggling and a heart above my head, how cute! ...

Mythic Twin Ogron down!

Irvin a posted Jan 11, 15

AAAAAhhh, fires handle it!

Misenoc The ghouls waves o_O.

Finished Heroic Highmaul

Irvin a posted Dec 31, 14

Weeee awesome job, next up mythic! :D

Irvin a haha > ...
Bonesawdibzz I look fat in this picture, I TOLD U TO GET MY GOOD SIDE!!

Great job! :) Also we one shot the 6th boss on Heroic.

Irvin a hah, cool ...
Photic a Video by fiwu ...