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rorken a lol how high you jumped
Rawmento UpUp and away!

Butcher Mythic!

Grytox a posted Mar 5, 15

Butcher Mythic

Mythic AAAAMG ADDS down!

Irvin a posted Feb 3, 15


Awesome kill! And almost got butcher as well ;(!




Catroz Cool video. Funky music, I liked it. Also, seriously... Grytox... Staaaaahp. Got somewhat close in the end at least ...

Lifted Mythic Bra-ken spore!

Irvin a posted Jan 23, 15

Awesome kill!  Well done everyone! :D

Irvin a Aawwh hehe poortroz. ...
Catroz Nice video. But look at my horrible opening... Jeebus Chrisp, that was bad... Haunted me for the rest of that fight...
Grytox a Lol, giggling and a heart above my head, how cute! ...